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Thurs - Sat, 10 am - 4 pm
Sundays, 1 - 4 pm
May through October

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108 Front Street
P.O. Box 53
Cowan, TN 37318-0053

Cowan Railroad Museum
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How Can I Help Support the Cowan Railroad Museum?

As an all volunteer effort, the Cowan Railroad Museum greatly appreciates your support in many fashions:

  1. Become a member.  The annual dues of $20 is a small amount to spend out of your pocket, but goes a long way towards covering regular expenses incurred by the museum.  Renew each January 1.

  2. Be a tour guide.  Help us keep the museum open to the public by volunteering as a guide.  Greet people and ask them to sign our guest book.  Sign up for 3 hours a week. 

  3. Help in the Gift Shop. Like to chat with people? Can you spare 3 hours a week?  No knowledge of railroad required to help people choose items from our gift shop.

  4. Former employee plaques.  Do you have an ancestor that worked for the railroad?  Honor them by purchasing a brass plaque for $50 with their name and service dates.

  5. Donate railroad items.  Memorabilia from the railroads needs to be preserved for future generations.  Don’t let items waste away in your attic or basement.

  6. Like us on Facebook, and share links with all your friends.  Check in on Facebook when you visit the museum, and leave comments.

  7. Join a work crew.   Whether on the HO scale layouts, or prototype equipment, volunteers are needed to keep these artifacts in top shape. Volunteer to help out!

  8. And of course, donations of any amount are always appreciated!


We are specifically looking for the following assistance:

  1. Carpentry skills to help complete exterior resoration of the Caboose.
  2. General help with Fall Heritage Festival. As the primary fundraiser for Cowan Railroad Museum, this 3 day Festival on the 3rd weekend of September requires over 100 volunteers. And extra hands are always needed to keep the Museum open extended hours.

Cowan Railroad Museum is a non-profit 503(c)3 corporation chartered in the State of Tennessee.
Every effort is made to provide factual and useful information.
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